Recruitment is a process but not an automated one. There are people involved in the process and that involves their perception (the way they see you). I have written down a list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of some aspects that affect a candidate in the initial phase of their application.


Include a professional picture (head and shoulders) of yourself. Make sure you are smiling.

Check your spelling and grammar.

Answer each question truthfully. Misrepresentation of yourself is an indication of poor character.

complete the profile on each portal that you are registered on. Its more professional and reflects your commitment.

Include a cover letter and tailor your response to each position you apply for (shows interest).

Keep your Social Media pages clean (free from, profanity, nasty comments, hate speech). Its unofficial but it’s there.

Check your reference contact details to ensure they are still contactable. References are checked at the last stage of the recruitment process.

Read the “Job Specifications “and tweak your resume/CV accordingly.

Check the Experience, Skills and Qualifications etc required for the position.

Do check the acceptable format standards for our resume/cv (google it).


Scan your resume and email it instead send your CV and in word or pdf.

Do not “bulk apply”. Recruiters become familiar with candidates who apply for positions that they are not suitably qualified for and will not be considered in the future.

Copy your Job Description and paste it “as is “. You need to make it more personal. Copy and paste is an indication of laziness and lack of “attention to detail”.

Use extremely bright colours in one resume/cv. It’s quite difficult to read.

Apply with incomplete resumes/cv.

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