With the Global pandemic restricting human interaction within good reason, the growing need for online communication is part our adaptation process to the “new norm”. With cost effective and sometimes free video tools like Whatsapp,MS Teams, InShot ,Splice ,Kinemaster etc. make this process simple .

Why should you make a video ?

Considering that your interview may be via Video Call ,it would be beneficial to see and hear  yourself first in preparation for the interview .”But we chat on video like every day “ .That may be true but are you chatting professionally everyday or in interviews ?. Either way here are some important tips.

Here are some important tips

  • Your video is an addition to your resume/CV, so make sure your resume/CV looks awesome.
  • Remember to be professional. Dress appropriately, comb your hair, cut your fingernails, have a bath, speak clearly and most of all choose your words carefully.
  • Prepare script – Do not , do not , don not “wing it “ .Make sure you know what you are going to say before you record it .Rehearse it ,so that you are not saying words like “ummmm” , ”eh” , ”Ja”.These verbal pauses will cause the viewer (potential employer) to be disinterested.
  • Know your audience – In line with your script, research the company and the people that would be viewing your video and make your content relevant to the organization.
  • Stick to the point – Be as short as possible so that you are not boring. The first 15 seconds are crucial.
  • Background – make sure you have a neat background and apply the “less is more “principal. The last thing you want, is the viewer (potential employer) to be distracted by your collection of action figures. (Some apps have these features)
  • Lighting – Make sure you are in a well-lit area, add some additional lights (torches, lights etc ) on the side and out of the actual shot .Remember this is a video so you have to be seen and heard . (Some apps have these features).
  • Sound – Find a quiet place where they are no ambient sounds that interfere with the recording. (Some apps have features to remove background noises).
  • Get Feedback – Ask friends and family to provide feedback on your video and keep trying until you get it right. It may be challenging at first, but your undying efforts will not go unnoticed.

NB One last thing, just to be obvious, do not post your video on social media platforms .

Good Luck.

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