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Welcome to BRS


Business Recruitment Services is a level 1 BEE Contributor. We are passionate about people and believe that people are the nucleus and success of any organization. We provide Professional Placement Services specialized Human Resource, Payroll and Microsoft Office training. Our primary objective is to focus on what is most important to your business and to provide quality service.

Mission: To be a nationally recognized consulting organization set apart to Inspire, create opportunities and add value to our emerging economy.




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Our Values


• Integrity

• Honesty

• Humility

• Quality Skills & Talent

• Diversity• Innovation

Why Choose Us

We cover a wide range of industries and are connected to various industry experts who assist in making informed decisions.

Rates and Pricing

Our rates are competitive and affordable ,no matter the size of your business


Every position that is covered is adequately research and consulted with by our network professionals


Our turnaround times are faster due our specialized database of expertise and the extensive networks across various industries.

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Our Plans

Basic Plan

Our basic plan consists of primary Candidate search and screening .You will receive shortlist of top candidates that meet your requirements.

Premium Plan

End to end Recruitment process ,from Job design to Contract implementation

Advanced Plan

This is the entire premium plan which includes performance agreements and and discussions for the first six months